People Centered

Our People


At MI Four we take as wide a perspective as possible on who are the people that affect us and that we affect. It’s the most important factor in any decision we make. We take a holistic approach to business and in this way we always keep our clients, our employees and the public at large at the forefront of all our activities.


We aim to keep our clients happy and not just merely satisfied. To this end we:

  • Make sure our services are tailored to your needs
  • Continually aim to improve the service we offer
  • Have a dedicated customer service department.


At MI Four we believe that happy workers should be the only workers we employ. Some of the things we do to keep our workforce happy are:

  • Offer up-to-date training and refresher courses
  • Official recognition program[
  • Fair opportunities for promotion and career advancement.
  • Full Occupational and Safety compliance
  • Full compliance with all labour laws.
  • Health Insurance coverage
  • Social events

Social Responsibility and Community Involvement

MI Four believes that by partnering with society we can help to avail it of unwanted elements and make it a safer place to live. To this end we will be partnering with the island’s secondary schools to promote awareness of security issues via the following initiatives:

  • Lectures and presentations/
  • Essay Competitions.
  • Posters and other literature.

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