Executive Bodyguard

Discreet Security


MI Four Security Services Company Ltd provides a discreet, professional executive bodyguard service for Executives in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our executive protection personnel are trained to cover the gamut of threats posed to executive individuals including:

  • Defense Tactics.
  • Knife Survival.
  • Crime Survival.
  • Hand Gun Survival.
  • Control and Arrest Tactics.
  • Handcuffing and Searching.
  • Handgun Retention.
  • Vehicular Tactics.
  • Room Entry Tactics.
  • Additional Skills as needed on a case by case basis.

Our Executive Protection Service offers the following for Executives and Corporations:

  • Executive Protection Service.
  • Personal / Family Protection.
  • Personal / Family Vehicle protection.
  • Dedicated Executive Protection Details.
  • Dedicated Family Protection Details.
  • Security Advance Details.
  • Special Response Details.
  • Counter and Protective Surveillance Details.

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