Background Screening

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Applicant Screening

As an employer the most important asset you have are your people. However, a bad hire can wreak havoc on even the most sophisticated organization.

Hiring the right employee is never an easy task but the least you can do to safeguard the business you have fought so hard for is to have all your short-listed recruits screened.

Our pre-employment background checks include the checking of police records and court proceedings as well as other informal sources.

At M.I Four we provide a background screening service which checks for:

  • Police Records.
  • Court Proceedings.
  • Credit Checks.
  • Credit Checks.
  • Informal Information.
  • Reference Checks.
  • Resume Verification.
  • Any other information relevant to your new hire and the intended position.

So contact us for your background screening needs because nowadays a hiring mistake is one your business cannot afford to make.

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